With the integration of CropOM services, Farm Management Software solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning systems can extend their functionality and have a significant competitive advantage over the competition.

Satellite imagery holds excellent potential in farm management. EO data and time series visualization is suitable to have a basic understanding of the growth dynamics and health of the crop and to have an assumption of what is going on on the field. However to only show standard satellite data based indices such as NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) to end users, is only taking some field work to the office, and while it can save a significant amount of time, it is still just a visual interpretation.

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Multispectral data is, of course, much more capable than that.
With more sophisticated processes, we transform raw satellite data into information that holds high value in agricultural management. CropOM quantifies and classifies earth observation data to provide that information to the end users in an easy to understand and ready to use format.

By quantification, we mean that besides the standard raster time series (NDVI, e.g.) CropOM provides vectorized data and measurement of specific areas on a sub-field level. We send our notifications and alerts of agro-hydrological anomalies and a decline in crop development with quantified and mapped data.
We also compose text base insights from the time series data to summarize field-specific data. With our insights, farm managers and agronomists can get familiar with the main processes and events of a crop field in seconds.

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CropOM also supports precision farming tasks. We show the zonality of the field based on crop development. Management zones create a solid fundament for precision tasks, for example, variable rate irrigation and fertilization; we support both. It is a common misconception that satellite imagery can be used for nitrogen output management directly. Without a series of in-situ measurements, it is hazardous to derive exact nitrogen output values from indices such as NDVI. However, management zones created from satellite imagery time-series are excellent for relative rate differentiation in case of any output. We use management zones and a single value user input to produce prescription maps. Prescription maps can be downloaded in ready-to-use standard ISO-XML format, that machines understand.

Farm Management Software solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning systems can use and implement our services with our state of the art RESTful API.
Besides our API, we provide a ready to use graphical dashboard, that is a synthesis of CropOM API services. Our partners can use it out of the box as an iframe content.