Farm Management Software (FMS) solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system have long been in the service of food processors, farming companies, and individuals. It is safe to say that all farming companies use some software solution for task management and record keeping.

In the last couple of years, we have seen an enormous development in satellite data availability, making possible operational monitoring in agriculture.
Regular and systematic monitoring of the fields let farmers gain insights into crop development and health. Satellite imagery and time-series make the scouting much faster and more comfortable. While visualizing satellite images and time-series is excellent for scouting, there is much more value that space data can create for agriculture.

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With CropOM services, farmers can save a significant amount of resources in various ways. Our monitoring service does not stop at showing NDVI images, we quantify and vectorize data, to provide the exact location and extension in case of any problem. CropOM highlights zones with a significant decrease in development, and areas affected by agro-hydrological extremes, such as standing water, and drought. We send notifications to our users in each case we sense something significant. It helps to reduce the reaction to save more product, and therefore gain more profit.

We believe that insight has more value than raw data. In consequence, we transform data into information and information to knowledge with our text-based insights. Insights summarize the knowledge we have of each field. This concept helps us to provide the output of sophisticated algorithms in an easy to understand format.

With CorpOM API you gain insights into crop development and phenological state, presence of agro-hydrological extremes, crop development based management zones, water balance of the field, regional stats, grain moisture content forecast, and yield forecast.

CropOM supports precision farming tasks by providing prescription maps in standard ISO-XML format.

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