Our story

At CropOM we develop cost-efficient white label services for the agriculture industry to utilize space data. This technology transfer is vital in tackling the most significant challenges of our time like feeding the growing population and climate change. Saving resources, environmentally sound yet profitable operation are possible if we not only turn data to information, but we also help to turn that information into knowledge. Our mission is to provide our customers with that knowledge. Therefore we designed our insight to provide exact answers and make the daily decision much more comfortable.

CropOM started in 2017 at European Space Agency's Business Incubation Center, after qualifying for the previous year's Copernicus Masters final.

At the moment our services utilized on 25 000 + ha of croplands, in 3 countries, by 20 + farming companies and distributed by market-leading software solutions.

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The Team

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Márton Tolnai Founder marton.tolnai@cropom.com
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Bence Bártfay Lead of Development bence.bartfay@cropom.com
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Áron Gergely Remote Sensing Specialist aron.gergely@cropom.com
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Sándor Berecz Sales Specialist sandor.berecz@cropom.com
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Tibor Fodor UX / Design Specialist tibor.fodor@cropom.com

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