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We provide cost-effective white label services
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We gather and analyze recent and historical satellite data to help your decision making before and during the growing season. Our data stream provides continuous updates on crop health and phenological state.

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To have an excellent understanding of crop development and field-specific environmental effects like drought and water coverage, we provide text-based Insights with quantified ecological facts.

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Our alert mechanism informs you about vegetation stress in near real-time, even before visible impact on the field. Underperforming areas and identifiable damages get quantified and accurately mapped.

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Precision tasks

We make environmentally conscious operations profitable by supporting VRT and provide ready to use prescription maps for agricultural machinery. Management zones are created automatically for each field.

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We utilize state of the art satellite technology and earth observation data to sense and quantify crop health, phenological state, and field condition. We transform this data into useful insights that help everyday decision making. Start benefitting from space technology with our RESTful API.

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Our value proposition

Cropom for management softwares

For Management software and agricultural service providers

Earth observation data based services increase the efficiency of farm management software and consultancy services. As a part of CropOM API we provide a ready to use graphical dashboard that is a synthesis of our solution.

  • Ready to use dashboard
  • Extended functionality
  • Technological advantage
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Cropom for insurance companies

For Insurance companies

With CropOM API all damages, such as drought stress and water coverage are being tracked, recorded and quantified on sub-field level. It is an excellent tool for both insurance companies and their customers.

  • Quantified field conditions
  • Data for risk and damage assessment
  • Smart contract triggers
Cropom for farming companies

For Farming companies and food processors

Through software solutions utilize CropOM API farming companies and even individual farmers can benefit from satellite data. AgroVIR and AGRIOTA offer an intuitive interface for CropOM API that makes plant health and growth analysis simple and effective.

  • Save resources
  • Reduce reaction time
  • Increase in profit
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Cropom for public authorities and research institutions

For Public authorities and Research institutions

CropOM API supports public authorities and research teams with fast data access and analysis. We grant instant access to information about crop health, phenology, and preprocessed field level imagery.

  • Fast access
  • Ready to use data
  • Tool for analysis


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Value Proposition

For Farm Management Software solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning systems

With the integration of CropOM services, Farm Management Software solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning systems can extend their functionality and have a significant competitive advantage over the competition...

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